Workplace Giving for the New Economy

Any Size Organization Can Give with Givolio!

  • Establish and manage a workplace giving campaign with ease.
  • Provide unprecedented employee choice.
  • Easily implement company matching programs.
  • Eliminate the costs of traditional corporate campaigns.
  • View elegant reports on giving, participation, and tax information.
  • Improve your recruiting prowess as a socially positive company.

Try It Out!

Create a free user account.

This is an individual user account. You can choose to establish a business account later. For now, just give the system a test drive and see what you think!


Much more of the money goes to the nonprofits selected.

Just compare Givolio’s fixed 3% workplace transaction fee with some traditional programs showing as much as 20% of funds being used in administrative costs!


Employees manage their own giving portfolios and amounts.

Employees can access their workplace portfolios in their Givolio accounts online to change the recipients and amounts of their donations at their convenience.


Relevant data and reports available to all participants.

The business and the employee have robust, well-design reporting for the data and the documentation needed for payroll, participation, and taxes.


Improve social responsibility scores and recruitment by giving.

There is no better marketing than visibly participating in improving your community and the world; be a better organization and have the best employees for doing it.

No Better Value in the Market!

There is no better value than Givolio for Workplace Giving Campaigns. Your employees will enjoy the transparency, freedom of choice, and simplicity, while your company will benefit from the convenience, reporting, and the win of being a new world organization who gives back a little bit at a time!

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